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Instagram Guide For Creators

New Instagram Guide For Creators

Instagram keeps adding new features and tips to help creators to better their relationships with their audience. Facebook released a new Instagram guide for creators a few weeks ago. To be honest with you, most of the tips are pretty much known for those who are trying to grow their Instagram following or whoever looked up for some Instagram marketing consultant. However, those tips come directly from Instagram, if so let’s not waste any more time and just dive into it.

Keep It Real

That may sound pretty much obvious or so not worth mentioning BUT Instagram is putting great emphasis on that, more than you might think.

What does it mean? Instagram wants you to be real, literally, be you! show off your personality and be authentic with your audience. Don’t try to post content that’s overproduced or too “perfect”. Be unique. 

Post Frequently And Get Creative

Think about it logically, if you start following someone and they’re posting once in a month or more, you probably will forget about them quickly. Therefore it’s important to post regularly. if you can’t commit to once a day, at least make sure you post something on your Feed, Stories, Live or IGTV per week.

Moreover, Instagram emphasizes again how she cares about you simply being YOU. It’s no brainer, just post whenever you can and be creative about it. 

Get Closer To Your Fans 

Again it all makes sense. Pay attention to your fans, your followers chose to follow you for a reason. They like you. Show them some love back.

Nowadays tools on Instagram makes it super easy. Start a conversation with on your Feed, Stories or even just go and replay their comment on your post. 

Like everything in life, the small things can make a difference. 

Be A Storyteller

Share your life moments with your followers. From a workout to a great meal or even an amazing concert you’re attending. The whole idea is to create real Instagram engagement pods Think about your followers as your friends because at the end of the day that’s the point. To grow a community an engage with people who share your interest or likes you just because.

Upload Longer Stories

Nowadays you can Upload longer stories, up to 1 minute. Now you can record a Story over the 15 seconds and keep recording till it gets to the 1 minute. 

You’ll see all the videos you recorded (separated by 15 seconds each) in a thumbnail tray. When done you’ll be able to edit each video as you like.

One more cool feature about the stories. Which can be great for anyone who is looking for an easy way to upload more than one story at a time, usually Brands and companies that are seeking for some Instagram promotion daily and in no time. Now you can upload up to 10 photos or videos from your camera roll. 

You can upload more than one picture to the story at a timeYou can upload more than one picture to the story at a time

Branded Content

Instagram is making sure every influencer on the platform who promote some sort of business most tag the business and be clear about the partnership between the two. That way Instagram is keeping thing transparent and honest.

As you can already figure out from this article or if you ever tried to understand how Instagram promotion services work on the field, you know that being Authentic is one of the most important things for the Instagram team. Therefore they expect that when you partner with brands as a creator, influencer you pick right campaigns for yourself. Pick products and services that are relevant to you and your niche, in other words, you need to actually like it. To clarify that, people ain’t fool, they’ll notice if you promote something you don’t even like or use. 

IGVT: Be There First

IGVT it is a pretty much new feature on Instagram. The thing is, not many creators and influences know how to use it to their advantage. If you are uploading short videos, everyday moments you can use your Feed or Stories. However, if you want to get in touch with your audience better, get your audience more familiar with your content so they will eventually get to your website, or get your product, IGTV is the answer!

IGTV allows you to upload up to 10 minutes, though Instagram marketing experts recommend to make them between 2-3 minutes top. 

One Special Tip from the Instagram team is that as long as someone views your IGTV for at least 3 seconds that counts as a view. Now think about how great it can be to drag more people to your new channel. 

Steps To Promote Your IGTV Video

Now if you thought Instagram is done with the pieces of advice and the goodies, think twice. Instagram literally published a step by step to show you creators and influencers how to promote your IGTV with fields you already using as Feed, Stories and Live.

These are the steps to do so:

  1. Three days before you are planning to upload your IGTV share a sneak peek,  behind the scenes, whatever you like, from your upcoming video on Stories.
  2. Two days before you can post a countdown sticker to your Stories.
  3. When you’re uploading your IGTV you can post a preview on your Feed.
  4. Up to 10 minutes from your uploading you can share sticker in your story
  5. Up to 10 minutes from your uploading Post the permalink to your IGTV video across Facebook, Twitter and any Social Media you what.
  6. One day after you can go Live to discuss reactions to your IGTV video. That can make the ones that missed yesterday to wish they have watched it right on time, and maybe turn on notifications on you.
Promote your IGTV on your Stories and Feed

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