We want to create a safe space for everyone who wants to learn and grow at the NFT space πŸš€

We are here to give you tools, resources, tips, ideas, and more and also to empower each other while creating a meaningful engagement routine that will help increase your community, grow the social media presence, and get you to your goals.

What can you find in the community?

Educational resources:
We share resources, information and knowledge in forms of videos, articles and other tools, so you could learn, experience and grow at the NFT space πŸ’«

Support Projects:
Once a week we will support and highlight a project – also through our social channels and also here!
Want to participate? Fill in your details here and you might get highlighted πŸ’Ž

Once a week we do a giveaway for our community members!
Feel free to participate and perhaps win NFTs, POAPs, tokens and more! 🎁

We have different niches and communities under social Lady, and we are happy for you to join them!
Click here to see them all:

Engagement and growth on Instagram:

Instagram becomes more and more relevant to NFTs as well.
Join our – Daily Engagement Pods- daily thread where you can share your social media account to gain more followers & follow other members of our community. It is a win-win situation where all of us grow together!

Twice a month we will be doing a webinar, bring you experts and share with you tools and strategies about the NFT space.

To make us all shine, we need you to be an active member of this community. Let’s help each other grow!