Projects Close To Our Heart

Supporting small businesses & artists:

For many years, we have been working with small businesses, some of them our clients and some of them we grow and educate voluntarily.

Small businesses are the driving force of the world economy and as a business owner myself, I know how not simple it is to start, maintain and grow a business, in our very competitive world.

Since NFTs came into our lives, part of our mission is to support small artists and creators as well, and help them bring themselves and their creations into the NFT space. 

Our goal at Social Lady is to be of service to as many businesses and creators as possible, And we welcome everyone to join our amazing community on FB through the following button.

Non profit:

Social Lady supports different projects, starting with non-profit women’s organizations, working with the younger generations, and also works with First Hug: a non-profit created to provide care for abandoned new-borns.

First Hug:

The First Hug association aims to care for every abandoned and lonely baby in the hospitals of Israel. We are committed to filling the void created by the absence of a mother and father, and provide the emotional and cognitive needs that are so crucial for a baby’s proper development.

Currently, the First Hug Association has an array of approximately 500 volunteers who care for the lonely and abandoned babies in all the hospitals in which the association operates. The First Hug volunteers come and care for the babies each and every day, filling the void created by the absence of a mother. With grace and kindness, they provide the abandoned babies with the soft touch, caresses, warmth, and love that they need in the first months of their lives.

Social Lady is honored to support the “First hug” non profit by managing their Social Media presence, design and execution, voluntarily, in the past few year.

Non profit:

IAC Eitanim brings together the next generation’s Jewish-American and Israeli-American middle and high school students for an immersive, innovative, project-based learning experience which strengthens participants’ Jewish identity, builds their connection to Israel and ignites their “Israeliness”.

15 online sessions, each 90-minute long: Engage with central Jewish and Israeli-American community challenges while promoting a mindset of entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and other soft skills.

Connect with teens from across the country while learning from leading mentors and experts through this incredible online opportunity! Meeting new friends through national events and competitions and creating connections from across the country with like-minded Jewish and Israeli-American young leaders!

Tal Navarro is honored to volunteer as a mentor for the younger generation and help support and educate the future of humankind.

Empowering Women:

Women are the driving force of the universe.

For many years, Tal Navarro has worked closely with different women’s communities, teaching women the skills of being independent, building your business online and empowering women with tools and tips to scale their business and talents.