Lead Generation and Media Ads

Lead Generation & Media Ads

Targeted paid campaigns are an essential part of getting your business noticed online. They’re necessary for driving traffic to your website, getting leads, and, of course, selling your product. Our paid advertising expert will make sure users on Google, Facebook, and Instagram see your Ads and Click on them.
Our Paid Advertising Services include:
  • Devising a media ads strategy
  • Building the infrastructure for your campaign
  • Conducting keyword research 
  • Establishing custom audiences 
  • Connecting programs to your system and analytics 
  • Pixels implementation 
  • Ad sets creation: advising you on media and content/buttons/CTA choices
Our Email Marketing Management Services include: 
  • Creating an email marketing strategy 
  • Managing your lists: optimizing and arranging subscribers 
  • Designing newsletters 
  • Creating content  
  • Sending emails 
  • Managing responses 
  • And more . . .
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