Become a major influencer today!
Become a major influencer today!

What the Best Instagram Influencers Can Teach You

Daily Dose. Nikki Giavasis. Tonio Skits. Forbes Magazine has named these pages as the top 1, 2, and 3 Instagram influencers of 2018. As you may be thinking, their ranking is not based just on their followers, but rather on their actual Instagram impact.

These pages’ activities can offer insights into how to improve your Instagram content. Even more, study their strategy will make you a real competitive Instagram influencer. Here are three main takeaways from them:

Instagram influencers
Instagram influencers

Clear Personality Establishment

Instagram is a visual story-teller of who you are. Therefore, it is important to publish content that gives followers a precise idea of who you are and what is your message. The Daily Dose’s page name is distinct and denotes its purpose. The page description exposes the page’s basic goal and offers contact details. In addition, the visual content is the “daily dose” and remains consistent.

Entrepreneurial mottos, inspirational quotes, and sayings of champions mark the page. Moreover, they are all combined with appropriate graphics making for a focused message. Thus, no wonder the page’s network consists of over 200 million users.

Relevancy to the Audience

A successful influencer appeals to followers themselves. For example, Nikki Giavasis’ connects with her followers through posts about her overcoming struggles to achieve immense entrepreneurial success. Additionally, she adds a more personal touch by mixing posts about her family and quirky personality.

Her content speaks to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and specifically women. After all, her page description states “Mom first” and then “Forbes Entrepreneur,” so we know her content will attract the modern, working woman.

A shot of Nikki Giavasis' successful Instagram page.

Nikki Giavasis’ Profile

Content Quality

Quality. We can never forget the importance of this. What an influencer posts, sets the stage. Tonio Skits, an up and coming comedian and actor, retains his unique editing and storytelling style through all of his posts.  They are quirky and comedic with witty, socially-conscientious statuses. It’s what makes his page distinctive and consistently expanding its influence.

In short:

Look to these influencers for creative techniques on how to boost your own Instagram exposure. Who knows, you could become the next major influencer!

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