Academy Program

Ready To Build Your Online Dream Business?

Are you a passionate entrepreneur? a blogger? Or a small business owner who might have the best product or service – but not sure how to reach your potential clients?
Or – do you feel you need more exposure and awareness to grow your sales?

Social Lady Academy is the perfect way for you to get the support, guidance, and tools you need to build, launch and grow your brand online.
It is the ultimate all-in-one program to boost your online presence and build your business through the digital economy. 

How Does It work?

The Social Lady Academy Program will give you an access to the following tools:

The Full Social Lady Program

10 weeks of online meetings, with Tal and her team, where we walk you through the step-by-step guide of how to build your online brand. Our comprehensive learning program is designed to provide you with the tools, resources and guidance you need to build a successful business, including strategy building, identifying your potential client, build sales funnels, work with newsletters, grow your social media presence, create your USP (Unique Sales Proposition), increase sales, bring awareness and use the best tools and methodologies to maximize your online business success on many levels.

The SL Academy Facebook Group

A Facebook group where you’ll join our dedicated community and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners, who are all working towards achieving the same goal. It’s the best place to ask questions, participate in processes, learn, evolve and share your workflow with other students and the team.

An Access to The SL Club

Gain access to our exclusive Social Lady Club where we bring you a weekly videos full of tips, strategies, methodologies, tools, experts, and we hand you resources to develop your online presence and grow your business.

What Will You Learn? Academy Program’s Syllabus:

  • The 6 steps for success
  • Developing your business strategy – your road map to success
  • Defining your product and your USP – your WHAT
  • Clarity on your vision and purpose – your WHY
  • Understand your audience – who is your potential client – your WHO
  • Build the marketing infrastructure & times – your HOW & WHEN

Section Goal:
You will have a clear roadmap to achieve your business vision, goals and revenues.

  • Best Marketing Platforms 2023
  • Deciding what platform to use
  • What content pillars are and why to use them?
  • Planning content pillars for the brand
  • Ideas and options for content pillars

Section Goal:
Building your messaging and understanding your customers will help you best communicate your offer in the best way to the right audience.

  • Building a monthly content calendar arranged according to the content anchors
  • Learning tools for creating and designing content
  • Working methods with a camera – iPhone only! and creating a first video

Section Goal:
Learn how to create the best appealing contect that will drive you sales & attention to your offer.

  • Why do we need them?
  • Setup
  • Copy and messaging
  • blogging

Section Goal:
You’ll be able to build an effective sales driving website that will match your values.

  • What is a sale funnel?
  • Defining the funnels for your business
  • Building a funnel – process and execution
  • Ideas for free gifts for the funnel stages
  • Why is a mailing list so crucial?
  • Mailing copy options ideas
  • Targeted lists
  • Convert your readers to customers
  • Studying the sponsored advertising tool and its application
  • Methods for maximizing exposure of articles from the blog/website in Google
  • Tools and techniques of collaborations and exposures in diverse channels
  • Methods of writing and creating content that converts into sales
  • Tools to work with Instagram in a good and effective way
  • You have built a strategy for Instagram
  • Methods for exposure to the account and how to bring new followers
  • Methods for writing effective posts
  • Tools to reveal posts
  • Post and story design
  • Using history
  • Using IGTV
  • Statistics analysis
  • And many more tools and methods for building activity on Instagram.
  • Set up the app and build the profile
  • Bio and profile building on Clubhouse
  • Finding the audience and how to connect with them
  • Hosting rooms on CH
  • Monetizing with Clubhouse
  • AI tools that will change your life & business
  • Building an effective content on spids
  • Automation and why it is important

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