ChatGPT Update: Anyone Can Create Custom Versions
ChatGPT Update: Anyone Can Create Custom Versions

ChatGPT Update: Anyone Can Now Create Custom Versions

OpenAI has introduced a transformative ChatGPT update, which now allows the creation of custom versions of the AI model, termed GPTs. These custom GPTs can integrate instructions, additional knowledge, and a wide array of skills tailored to specific purposes, whether for personal use, work, or leisure activities. The process is designed to be user-friendly, with no coding skills required. OpenAI has also emphasized community involvement, believing that the most innovative GPTs will come from users. Additionally, a GPT Store will be launched, where creators can share their GPTs and potentially earn revenue based on usage. OpenAI ensures privacy and safety are prioritized. With robust controls and review systems to safeguard against misuse of these advanced AI tools.

With the ChatGPT Update, here are some potential use cases for creating your own version

  • Customer support: A ChatGPT chatbot to answer customer questions and provide support 24/7.
  • Education: A ChatGPT chatbot to teach students on a variety of topics.
  • Entertainment: A ChatGPT chatbot to generate stories, poems, and other creative content for your users.
  • Productivity: A ChatGPT chatbot to help you with tasks such as writing emails, scheduling appointments, and managing your calendar.


OpenAI is still in the early stages of developing the ChatGPT Customizer API. But it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. By making it possible for anyone to create their own custom AI chatbotOpenAI is democratizing AI and making it accessible to everyone.


OpenAI is now competing with other AI bot platforms by introducing custom GPTs. This means that anyone can create their own custom version of ChatGPT. With different instructions, knowledge, and skills. This makes OpenAI’s platform more utility-focused than its competitors, who focus on creating bots that act like people. However, OpenAI does not prohibit people from building GPTs with human-like personas. Sure, here is a rephrased version of your text:

OpenAI believes that its GPT platform is a step towards its ultimate goal of creating artificial general intelligence (AGI). Restricting access to GPT to paid subscribers is also expected to increase OpenAI‘s revenue, which is already growing rapidly. OpenAI is reportedly seeking a valuation of up to $90 billion from investors.

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