How to Repost On Instagram Using Repost App
How to Repost On Instagram Using Repost App

How to Repost On Instagram Using Repost App

Instagram has become the most popular photo-sharing app across the globe. The basic idea of the app is comparatively simple, i.e. sharing videos and images. One feature of Instagram that enhances the overall experience significantly is reposting of videos and photos. If you spend a good amount of time on Instagram, you may have seen people repost images on Instagram. If you are thinking how to repost on Instagram, then read this post so that you can get to learn about the best repost app for Instagram.

How to Repost on Instagram Using Repost App

    • To repost an Instagram post, you should download an application called “Repost for Instagram”. This application is user-friendly and available for iOS and Android devices.
    • Complete download and visit the Instagram post you intend to repost on your feed. Go to the post, tap on the 3 Dot icon on the right corner of the post. Select the “copy link”.
    • After copying the link, open the repost app. This app reads links automatically so you don’t have to paste the link to repost the Instagram post. You can see the preview of the copied post. Tap on the preview. You will have an opportunity to personalize the repost. When you are done, tap on the Repost button on the bottom of your screen.
    • You will see a dialog box appear with two options. You simply have to tap on the “Open Instagram” option. You will then be directed to the Instagram application where you will find further instructions.
    • Once you open Instagram, the Repost app will open the post image directly. At this stage you will have to repeat the steps taken to post your image. Just tap on the arrow and after choosing a filter and editing the post, tap on Next.
    • Your next move is to create a caption for the Repost. You can either copy the caption of the repost or create your own caption. To paste the caption of the repost, you just need to press and hold on the caption, then tap on paste. Finally, tap on Next in order to repost the Instagram post.
You can check the homepage of your account after following the steps. These are the best instructions and steps for how to repost on Instagram using repost app.

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