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@EfiYoga, Yoga Instractor

“I've been working with Social lady for a while and I am extremely pleased and thankful.
Right as we started collaborate the number of my followers increased significantly.
Social Lady team are professional, kind and helpful.
They offered me a lot of tips and tools for improving my page and promoted me as a Yoga teacher in social media.
It created a great interaction and a lot of interest in my page.
As a result, I have received large amount of potential customers and my business started to grew.
I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking to improve his Instagram account and his business to start working with Social Lady.”
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@YoavSchverd, Private Chef

“Working with Social Lady has leveraged my business and opened a new marketing channel that I have barley used before.

As a private chef I discovered how amazing is Instagram for me and since working Social Lady I am able reaching my audience and communicate with my customers at the same time.

I work with Social Lady on different campaigns and since we started, my Instagram grew with exposure to the right clients and I am thankful for that everyday.”

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Director of Cultural Affairs at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel
Also expert in PR and Strategy Development/Media Relations
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Photographer & Artist
Works with the biggest fashion companies and top magazines in Israel and New York and hosted a few exhibitions as well in USA.

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Sought-after international hair and makeup artist, Yaniv has developed numerous worldwide campaigns for celebrities 

Makeup artist
One of the leading makeup artists in Israel, owner of Snobmakeup, airbrush makeup products with the highest quality.

Guitarist for KilliT
Niro Knox is the guitarist at KilliT band, Rockstar in his soul and has being playing the guitar for over 28 years. Based in London.
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Non Profit Animal Fashion
Shongolulu is dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats by raising awareness to prevent extinction through your daily lifestyle.

Digital Marketing Expert
Social Media expert and lifestyle influencer, founded the 1st Israeli college for digital marketing, also lecture, teach and consulting about the media.
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Kids Fashion
Mayaya.Kids creates quality, timeless clothing for kids & free spirited little people with feed of adventure and wild imagination.
Model based in London & Paris. Workd for L’Oreal, Dior, Chevignon, Cartier, Jean Paul Gautier,Kenzo, Stella Mc Cartney and more.
Rock Band 
Killit is a Rock band, based in London. Originally hailing from Hungary, Israel, Argentina and Britain, Killit was founded at the beginning of this year.
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A MarketPlace App

Splacer is a marketplace where people can list,
discover and book unique spaces.

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Clothing Shop
clothes and accessories that stylish women want, at a price they know they can afford.
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Aromatic Candles
This 3-in-1 candle includes an array of soothing aromas. The candle turns into a gentle and soothing warm massage oil.
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Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles
The Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles is one of Israel’s largest diplomatic missions in the world.